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Counsel Culture with Eric Brooker

Sep 26, 2023

My guest today is returning guest, Paul Epstein. Paul has spent nearly 15 years as a professional sports executive for multiple NFL and NBA teams, a global sports agency, and the NFL league office, where he has broken every premium revenue metric in Super Bowl history, opened a billion-dollar stadium, and founded the...

Sep 13, 2023

My guest today is Dov Baron. Dov is a preeminent expert in helping leaders create life-and-work meaning. His models and strategies of the Emotional Source Code and the Anatomy of Meaning are used by leaders in business and government worldwide. 

Dov has been named a Top 30 Global Leadership Guru five times and an Inc....

Sep 1, 2023

My guest today is Ryan O’Hara, a Catholic guy who lives in MN with his wife Jill and their four sons.  He has been helping college students and young adults live for big things, since 1997.  

You might be asking yourself, what sort of 'big things' are you talking about? The first big thing is helping them answer...