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Counsel Culture with Eric Brooker

Jul 27, 2021

Once expected to die, John now teaches others how to live. Decades after the fire, John now holds one of the greatest gifts of all: perspective. As an accomplished speaker, author and podcaster, John shares his perspective to awaken you to your life’s potential and energize you to live more thoughtfully, more boldly...

Jul 21, 2021

Meet Annie Meehan, keynote speaker, award winning author, and Exceptional Life expert.  As a keynote speaker, Annie is committed to transforming achievement from good to great by teaching people to rewrite their excuses into successful accomplishments.  Speaking internationally as an expert on living an Exceptional 

Jul 13, 2021

Joe Schmit is an author, award-winning broadcaster, community leader and popular keynote speaker. His book “Silent Impact” Influence Through Purpose, Persistence and Passion is now in its second edition.  His new book is titled “The Impact Blueprint,” A Step by Step Journey to a Life of Significance. Joe was...

Jul 6, 2021

This is a continuation of last week's conversation with Liane Davey regarding her book; The Good Fight: Use Productive Conflict to Get Your Team and Organization Back on Track. This discussion reflects on the, "bonus chapter", conflict at home.


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