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Counsel Culture with Eric Brooker

Mar 30, 2021

At the core, problems are never about leadership, communication, sales, marketing, or even finances. Thanks to research done by my friend David Horsager, we know that the main problem is always rooted in some type of trust issue. The good news is that trust can be learned, practiced, and perfected. David walks you...

Mar 24, 2021

Principal Thinker at On the Ball Ventures, Speaker, Sales Trainer, Author and Podcast host Steve Nudelberg joins the show today to discuss leadership and some of the early mistakes he made in his career.


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Mar 18, 2021

Kansas City Police Department's Major Chip Huth joins us today and opens up about his childhood and the painful details that inspired him to join the police force.

Chip also discusses a few books; Leadership and Self Deception & The Outward Mindset and how looking at the world from a different lens changed his life and...

Mar 9, 2021

Author, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Keynote speaker and Hubspot's finest, Dan Tyre joins the show. Today we talk about the culture and leadership at Hubspot and so much more. 

Mar 2, 2021

The former Vice President of Talent at Chick-fil-A stops by the show to discuss how to, "Crush Your Career". Dee Ann Turner gives profound career advice from; how to interview and land the job to how to resign and leave the organization on a positive note.